Fuel Management Systems - FuelOmat and TTCU


The system from Israeli technology, controls the discharge from the tanks, through the monitoring of inventory and refueling of the fleet.


Vehicles are automatically identified and refuel data are recorded and all information is stored in the system. In addition, inventories are updated every operation and reports are generated according to the needs of fleet managers, enabling a more agile and precise control of all movements of the fuel.

In addition to reducing costs of operations at the fuel stations and the elimination of control files in roles, the system allows to reduce the risk of fraud and diversion of fuel.


Another facility offered by automated systems in sugarcane mils is the control of tank truck.

Works the same way as the control system used in fixed station, but is used to control the refuel of machines and vehicles in the harvest. Now we have the solution for mobile fuel stations.

With automation of tank truck, the data generated by harvest refuel are integrated into the system installed in fixed position automatically, eliminating the need for data entry of refuel. With this innovative solution, the system ensures reliability and security of refuel of the information carried in the harvest.




Proven Efficiency

Orpak is a market leader in Vehicle Identification Systems for more than 15 years. Its products are deployed in more than 14,000 fuel stations and 3 million vehicles in 30 countries worldwide.


Orpak has a global reputation for offering high-quality and reliable product design, has been ISO-9001 certified since 1995. Its products meet all necessary local safety standards and regulations in the markets in which it operates.


  • Orpak's global customer base includes oil industry leaders, large fleets serving municipalities, airports, mines, bus companies and corporations.


Selected Oil Companies:


• Shell

• British Petroleum

• Total

• Repsol

• Caltex


Selected Fleets:

• Governments - New Hampshire; Israel; South Africa; U.S. Army
• Airports - Charles De Gaulle; JFK; Schiphol; Copenhagen

• Bus companies - Connexxion (Netherlands); Alsa (Spain)

• Large corporations - Motorola; IBM; Sysco; Air France; Singapore Airlines




With the implementation of FuelOmat and TTCU, companies have safe and effective tools for controlling the refuel of vehicles, so avoid human errors, misuse of fuel and unauthorized refuel vehicles , generating savings of up to 20% on fuel costs.



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Watch the videos detailing the operation of FuelOmat :




See also the video system produced by Orpak:




• VIU (Vehicle Indentification Unit)

installed inside the dashboard.




• Antenna, which is connected to V.I.U. and installed in the fuel inlet tank of the vehicle which transmits information from the VIU to N.C. installed on the hose nozzle.




• Each V.I.U. is programmed via Wireless Programmer (pictured above) with parameters for each vehicle, odometer reading and engine hours, fuel type, code of fleet information and so on.




• N.C. (Nozzle Coil), which is installed in the fuel hose nozzle that transmits information from the VIU to the management station (OrCU or TTCU).