Through from VIS - Vehicle Identification System, Orpak customers reported to be saving between 5% and 20% in fuel expenses.

Proven efficiency

Orpak is a market leader in Vehicle Identification Systems for more than 15 years. Its products are deployed in more than 10,000 fuel stations and 2.5 million vehicles in 30 countries worldwide.


Orpak has been ISO-9001 certified since 1995. Its products meet all necessary local safety standards and regulations in the markets in which it operates.


  • Orpak's global customer base includes oil industry leaders and large fleets serving municipalities, airports, mines, bus companies and corporations.

We seek partnerships to better solve your problems

To complement our activities and solutions, we seek to establish partnerships with the best companies in the automation industry.


Orpak Systems


Orpak is the global market leader in automated refueling and payment systems based on Vehicle Identification.Orpak‘s solutions improve tracking and control.


The Companytec technology allows to interconnect computer to any pump or dispenser, ensuring 100% accuracy for customers seeking a complete management of the pumps.

Dura-lex Digifilm
Operates in the outsuorsing printing and copyingsolutions for commercial automation, fiscal printers, TEF solutions and multifunctional.


Soft-Line systems solutions specializes in services in the area of ​​software development. Since 1991, grows up with your partners/customers always innovating and investing in modern technologies.