FuelOmat is an innovative system of total management that controls the fuel supply of fleets and helps in the prevention of waste and theft of fuel.

The FuelOmat benefits the oil companies, operators of fuel stations and fleet owners.


The large consumption of fuel by companies that use vehicles or machines to develop their activities and carry out fuel supply into internal stations, has generated a broad search for control systems of supply and fuel management. Not for less. For about 50% of operation costs of a conveyer comes from fuel.


The main objectives, of implementation of measures in this area are to reduce costs, the guarantee to obtain accurate information and eliminate the risks of fraud and theft.

Fleet - according to customer testimonials, tight control can reduce their costs between 5-20%.



FuelOmat has modular components that can be adjusted as needed by the client. The solution has two pre-molded:


• Level 1 - FuelOpass: Refueling via vehicle/operator identification;


Level 2 - FuelOpass & DataPass: Refueling via vehicle identification + Gathering odometer, hours worked, average consumption, PTO information aditional data, etc;




Controls and optimizes the refueling fleet;


Saving on fuel expenses;

• Determine the type and amount of fuel to refuel;


• Prevention of fuel fraud;


• Efficient use of time and manpower in fleet management and accurate accounting;


• Fueling of authorized fleet vehicles only;


• Odometer and engine hour readings for effective maintenance scheduling;


• Reporting on vehicle usage and consumption;


• Advanced fleet reporting based on information collected from the vehicle bus




Additional Components


Fleet Head Office



A complementary FuelOmat component is the centralized Head Office system which generates fleet and fuel related reports, including exception reports. Fleet managers can prevent unnecessary expenses by remotely logging-in to the system and setting limits and restrictions for every vehicle. These include:

• Setting fueling limits per day/week/month;
• Restricting fueling to stations in a specific region;
• Allowing fueling only on specific days of the week.


AutoGate System




Monitors and controls access for authorized vehicles.


Allows secure control mechanisms for automatic access (opening gate) and capture vehicle information for the identification, registration and maintenance.


Each time a vehicle passes over the sensors of the soil, the information stored in the vehicle VIU will be transmitted to the controller unit through the AutoGate communication between the transmitting antenna and ground sensors. The controller processes the information and opens the gate / barrier to the authorized vehicle, thereby preventing access by unauthorized vehicles. The date and time of each access, as well as odometer reading and hours worked are automatically saved.


Can operate up to 4 gates / barriers simultaneously and in triggering other devices such as lights, security cameras and more.


TLS-350 - Measurement and Monitoring of Tanks



The unit TLS-350 is used for continuous measurement and automatic tracking tanks and the environment. His concept of modularity allows you to meet up to 16 tanks and/or up to 64 sensors for leak detection.


Allows complete management of the stock position, protecting the environment. Meets all current standards in the country including tank tightness tests. Allows you to obtain the volume dispensed by the pumps, allowing the reconciliation (data for the LMC) calibration of tanks and self generating greater inventory accuracy.


Audit Trail Printer

Another complement is Orpak's Audit Trail, that automatically produces a hard copy of each transaction data including time, date, vehicle I.D, odometer and engine hours, system user number, etc. It uses regular 8” x 11” size paper and has an optional electric paper cutter.

Installation process




The vehicle unit:


• A microprocessor called vehicle information unit (VIU) is installed along with DataPass, which connected to the vehicle data bus, extracts data from the odometer, engine hours and additional information.


• The VIU is connected to an antenna (FuelOpass) that is installed in fuel tank inlet. The antenna facilitates communication by radio frequency (RFID) to the receiver installed in the pump nozzle, assuring accurate and authorized data transfer during fueling.


The driver/operator unit:


• Optionally, it's possible to performing the identification of the driver/operator, which is made ​​by using Tag's, which communicates with the Tag Reader recognizes the user, and after vehicle identification releases the fueling.


The fuel station unit:


The fueling station must be equipped to facilitate communication between the pump and the vehicle. Thus, the pump nozzle is equipped with a receiving antenna to communicate with the unit of the vehicle (VIU).


Automatic fueling:


• The station controller will check if the vehicle is allowed to refuel through black/white lists, taken from the central computer. Furthermore, the system will check whether the correct type of fuel has been selected;


Upon approval, the controller will allow the fuel to be dispensed;


If the nozzle is removed from the tank inlet of the vehicle, the fuel flow will stop automatically;

At the end of the process, the station controller will register vehicle and fueling information and generate detailed reports of fuel consumption. The fleet manager can customize the reports according to your needs.


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Watch the video detailing the operation of FuelOmat - Level 2:



Watch the video detailing the operation of FuelOmat - Level 1:



The VIU is an electronic component extremely durable, whose relative time between failures (MTBF) is 38 years. This implies that can be reprogrammed and reused.




Products that comprise the FuelOmat:


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Tag Reader


Tag Reader




Nozzle Reader







For cases where it is necessary to use gallons, you can use the ring FuelOpass (figure below) which is fixed to him inlet allowing the identification of a gallon and the release of fuel supply.



The FuelOpass ring can be engraved with the same information that the vehicle will use a gallon for fuel to be assigned to the vehicle used. Giving safety information related to the use of this fuel.



For the case of vehicles that need refuel and do not have the system installed, we can use the Manual Authorizer (pictured above), which has an identification code in system to assign the authorized person the use the fuel.


Interface to TLS systems (Veeder Root TLS)




The FuelOmat has an interface to connect to TLS systems and providing tank monitoring and measuring. This is very important because it controls the entry and exit of the fuel tanks into the stations and tells you when there are differences (disappearance of fuel).